State Legislative Alerts
1/30/15 -
HB 92 "An Act relating to the labeling of food; relating to the mis-branding of food; requiring labeling of food produced with genetic engineering; and providing for an effective date."

1/19/16 - HB 258 "An Act prohibiting the sale of genetically modified fish or fish product."

Colorado - No Current Alerts

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Montana - No Current Alerts

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2/1/16 - HB4122 Allows local government to inhibit or prevent production or use of seed or seed products for purpose of protecting seed or products that are  not genetically engineered from adverse impacts of genetically engineered seed or products. ***AS OF 2/11/16 LANGUAGE OF THIS BILL HAS BEEN CHANGED TO REQUIRE LABELING OF GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FISH.***

Utah - No Current Alerts

Washington - No Current Alerts

12/17/15 - HJ0001 A JOINT RESOLUTION requesting Congress to enact legislation reaffirming the United States Food and Drug Administration as the primary authority in uniform food labeling related to genetic engineering.

Federal Legislative Alerts

2/4/16 - US SB2499 Health Savings Act of 2016

7/24/15 - US HB1599 Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015

2/13/15 - US HB913 Genetically Engineered Food Right-To-Know Act

3/12/15 - US SB738 Genetically Engineered Salmon Risk Reduction Act

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