best andriod apps

Best Apps For Your Mobile To Download For Free

This week we have returned to look for some of the best apps for our mobile, which do not have a cost temporarily and that we can download completely free. Of course for a limited time, because these are free payment apps for a certain period of time, we will review them.

best andriod apps

We talk about free payment apps, but if it’s free to download, we can choose games for our iOS devices, since here you can check an interesting compilation of free iOS apps, but they would normally be paid, so We must also hurry.

Apps To Protect File Pro-Lock and Send File

Security and privacy are key aspects to have well-controlled on our phones. And this app has been precisely designed to improve it, since with it we can encrypt all kinds of documents that we can send through the smartphone. In this way even if someone wants it, it will not be possible to access its content no matter how much they try, they can only be seen through the application.

Text Analyzer Pro

Its own name says it, it is an app that analyzes different texts through images from the gallery or taken from the smartphone. With this text scan, you get different statistics of this. Such as the number of words, characters, and other details related to the reading of the text we have analyzed. Without a doubt a very interesting tool to analyze text.

Bandacam The professional Black & White Camera

If we also limit ourselves to the name of the app we can already get an idea. It is a camera app where the black and white photography modes stand out above all. A type of photography forgotten by many photography apps that focus on increasingly colourful and artistic filters.

File Manager Pro

An excellent app to manage the files of our smartphone. With it, we can move different folders or files between different places in the memory of our mobile phone. And thus control the memory content in the most graphic way possible.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro 2019

This application allows us to record incoming and outgoing calls from the smartphone automatically. In fact, we do not have to do anything at all, when the phone detects that a call is initiated, either when we receive it or when we make it, the application will start recording. Of course, you can choose the contacts with which recordings start automatically.