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Technologies To Protect The Planet On Earth Day

The Earth is our home and protecting it must be our top priority as a species. In recent centuries, human beings, through condemnable activities and modes of production, have perpetrated the deterioration of the globe and a large number of natural disasters. Issues such as global warming and deforestation of forests and jungles, for which we are solely responsible, are the reason why in the last century up to 500 species have joined the category of endangered species.

protect planet

In order to achieve a fair balance between economic, social and environmental needs, it is necessary to promote harmony with nature and the planet. In this sense, International Mother Earth Day, or Earth Day, is celebrated annually. A day in which we assume the collective responsibility to foster this harmony with nature and Mother Earth. In other words: educate friends and family in environmental matters and promote responsible consumption.

In accordance with this, new technologies have been advancing in parallel to the social awareness related to these issues. That is why more and more state-of-the-art devices contribute to protecting the environment in every imaginable way.

NASA is one of the main institutions develop and implement these kinds of technologies, innovating in an indeterminate way to increase awareness of our planet, improve lives and safeguard our future. In this way, on Earth Day, we want to recognize the great ecological work of the organization indicating its most important creations of this type.

Drones, Mappers And GPS To Protect The Planet

The space agency has been using drones for some time to incorporate a series of special cameras to obtain images of coral reefs under the ocean. The disappearance of the reefs is a problem of immense magnitude, having lost more than 50% of the surface in recent decades due to global warming. The reefs constitute the pillar of the food chain of marine species and their conservation is essential to avoid devastating consequences on the fauna and flora of the seas.

On the other hand, NASA has developed a novel mapper that determines and locates the presence of disease-transmitting mosquitoes, as well as the location of these diseases among the population. This monitoring tool is primarily used to prevent conditions from spreading among people so that they can be kept properly controlled.

The agency is also a leader in GPS and SAR technology. Its immense potential means that rescue organizations can respond with incredible speed in cases of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides and more. The increase in the frequency of these events, derived from global warming, makes these kinds of technologies indispensable for humanity.

Finally, NASA also works so that these techniques can be applied to the fire environment. The purpose is to be able to transfer in real-time information about the fire that helps firefighters locate the risk areas.

In short, the planet is at a critical moment because of climate change derived from our irresponsible activities as human beings. On Earth Day our duty is to exercise awareness and rethink our actions. Fortunately, education and new technologies work to reverse this unfortunate situation. Hopefully, this date is a turning point

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